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PowerLigting Belt

The Best PowerLifting Belts You Need


If you are a strength athlete or a weight lifter, then the most important thing you need is a weightlifting belt. A weightlifting belt not only makes the exercise easier for you but also gives full support to your back, reducing the chances of getting spinal or back injuries. But before we head towards which brand to go for or which would be the best powerlifting belt for you; we need to learn what are some important things that must be featured are in a best powerlifting belt.

A good weightlifting belt must be as thick as possible. Then stiffness should also be there as a stiff belt will stay in its place, giving all time support to your spine. Then equal width all around is another most required feature of a best weightlifting belt. Equal width makes the belt to sit comfortably between the hipbone and ribs. It should be made with high quality material. Leather made belts are most comfortable and most preferred by the users. Leather is also most demanded when the durability is concerned.

Now when you know the properties the belt must carry, the time has come for you to go and buy one for yourself. Following are some of the best powerlifting belts that most of the people recommend especially the weightlifting coaches.


Gasp Power Belt:

Made with 100% genuine leather, this 13mm thick belt gives full support to your heavy lifts. The strength and durability of this belt is also ensured with nickel free buckle and close prong holes which also make the fitting comfortable and adjustable.


Harbinger: HumanX Women's 5" Competition CoreFlex F0067 Weight Belt


This belt is designed for women specifically.  This provides full support to you spine and abdomen by stabilizing your lower back and engaging your abs. This is considered as one of the best belts when you have to go through the heaviest lifts as it also reduces the chances of injuries through its appropriate fitting which keeps itself in the same place. The thickness and stiffness is also according to the needs of the users. It is made with 100% genuine leather.


The Women’s Gym Belt:

With wide front giving full support to you abdomen, this belt is specifically designed for every day gym sessions of the women.


Schiek: 4-3/4" Power Leather Contour Belt

Schiek was the founder of contoured lifting belts which completely changed the industry.  This leather made belt gives ample support to your spine and is one of the most comfortable belts with highest quality possible.


Ader Supporting Goods Power Lifting Belts:

Weight lifter usually looks for the belt which is the best to wear during heaviest weightlifts. Made with high-qualitied leather, this belt is the best lower back stabilizer with adjustable buckle, comfortable fitting and quite easy to use.

So if you are a weightlifter or do squats regularly and often suffer from muscle pulling and still don’t have a weight lifting belt; then you are missing out something big. Go get one now and get fitter.